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The matrix below gives an overview of the services available from the different dealers. Further down on the page you can rate the bullion dealers yourself and read how others have rated the different dealers. When you rate a dealer, you set a rating between 1 and 10. The dealer that is rated highest on average is ranked as number 1 and so on.

1silver1 BullionStar Degussa GSC Mustafa SG Coins Silver AG Silver Bullion
Sell Gold and Silver Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Buy Gold and Silver Yes Yes Que Yes No Que No No
Online Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Retail Shop No Yes Yes Yes Yes Que Yes No
24 Hour Retail Shop No No No No Yes No No No
Storage No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Unsegregated Trading No Yes No No No No No No
Price Charts No Yes No No No Yes No No
Updated News & Research No Yes No No No No No No

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Rank Bullion Dealers Rating & User Reviews Highlights
1 More info about BullionStar

Score: 9.1/10 125 reviews

Website: https://www.bullionstar.com

User Reviews:

BullionStar has the most competitive prices for precious metals in Singapore that I know of. I find that the online portal is extremely easy to use and the e-mail notifications on the purchases are good. It's an easy and hassle free experience. All you need to do is to shop online, make payment and then just self-collect. I love that I can buy in smaller purchases or get silver with virtually no spread for my larger purchases.Also, as I'm overseas currently, it is great that I can have my purchases delivered to me overseas or stored in the vault. The vault storage is definitely beneficial for me at a low daily fee where my investments can be kept safe while I am away. BullionStar really stands out as a superb bullion dealer and is my choice when I am stacking!

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BullionStar's retail shop with showroom and vault is located at 45 New Bridge Road. The shop is walk-in storefront. BullionStar offers a very wide range of different precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Price is competitive. Storage for bullion products is offered at a competitive rate.

BullionStar offers BullionStar Gold Bars and BullionStar Silver Bars without any spread between the buy and sell price.

BullionStar has a trading product called BSP Grams which is backed up by phyiscal gold, silver and platinum which can be traded at a low premium and spread. BullionStar has a good website where customers can handle their bullion portfolio online in real time. BullionStar is also strong on analysis and charting featuring some of the leading precious metals analysts in the world.
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2 More info about Degussa

Score: 6.5/10 4 reviews

Website: http://www.degussa-pm.sg/

User Reviews:

I think 4 stars is accurate for Degussa. Pros: Good location near Orchard, good price for some gold bar, have safe deposit box Cons: Not great assortment, poor pricing for many coins, website is not up to standard, service is so and so.

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Degussa is a German company but relatively new to the Singapore market. Degussa has a retail shop on Orchard road.

Degussa mainly sells their own branded gold and silver bars. Degussa however also offers iridium and ruthenium, German designed luxury timepieces, animal sculptures in silver and other types of gifts.

Prices are competitive for Degussa's own gold and silver bars but not as competitive for other products.

Storage is available.
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3 More info about Silver Bullion

Score: 6/10 51 reviews

Website: https://silverbullion.com.sg/Default.aspx

User Reviews:

I had to wait 11 weeks for my delivery of silver eagles and management was misinforming me about the delivery times. I understand that demand is high but information has to be correct since I trust this company with my savings.

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Silver Bullion

SilverBullion is located within the Certis Cisco Centre. SilverBullion has a storage facility named the safe house located in the north of Singapore. Fees for ongoing storage and withdrawal apply and are on the high side. SilverBullion has a bullion testing program called DUX Bullion Testing.

Silver Bullion has a subsidiary in Malaysia with the same name.

Pricing is high although volume pricing is available. Delivery times are long at times. SilverBullion is primarily focused on silver and has little to no gold available.
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4 More info about SG Coins

Score: 6/10 11 reviews

Website: http://www.sgcoins.com/

User Reviews:

I have bought some Chinese silver and gold pandas from sgcoins, mostly because they are hard to find elsewhere.

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SG Coins

SG Coins is located in Suntec Tower One. SG Coins only sells coins with a primary focus on Asian coins. The company is thus more focused on selling to collectors than to bullion investors as bullion bars are not available.

Pricing is higher than average but with a wide range of available coins.

Caution: SG Coins do not seem to have any coins for sale minted after 2014 and the website does not seem to have been updated in a long time.
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5 More info about SilverAg

Score: 6/10 15 reviews

Website: http://silverag.com.sg/catalog/

User Reviews:

Nice shop but nothing in stock when I wanted to buy 300 silver coins.

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SilverAg has a retail store at a shopping centre called The Central. SilverAg is primarily focused on small volumes and gifts such as silver coins and small gold bars. Larger items can be pre-ordered but with long delivery times.

SilverAg is located in the basement of The Central shopping mall at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

SilverAg also offers some accessories such as display stands and coin capsules.

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6 More info about GoldSilverCentral

Score: 5.7/10 35 reviews

Website: http://goldsilvercentral.com.sg/

User Reviews:

Good range of gold products available. Good price. Have also bought from Silver Bullion and Bullionstar. GSC and Bullionstar are the best in my opinion.

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GoldSilverCentral is located in China Square Central and share space with a jewellery store. GSC has a wide range of products with online ordering available. The website is however very slow. Pricing is decent.

GoldSilverCentral offers a trading product called GSC Live which is based on the MetaTrader4 platform.

Storage is offered offsite with a third party provider.
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7 More info about 1silver1

Score: 5/10 13 reviews

Website: http://www.1silver1.com/

User Reviews:

Bought here before, then found Gold SilverCentral and now found BullionStar. Comapany is ok although not much in stock.

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1silver1 primarily sells silver bullion and collectibles. The company has a retail shop on Eu Tong Seng Sen Street mainly focusing on numismatics. Storage is charged for and offered in 1silver1´s central safe. 1silver1 is one of the smaller bullion dealers in Singapore and does therefore not carry substantial stock.
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8 More info about Mustafa Centre

Score: 4/10 25 reviews

Website: http://www.mustafa.com.sg/jewellery.html

User Reviews:

Huge place! Ok if you want to get a ring or a gold necklace maybe but for serious gold/silver investor there are better dealers. Staff is nice :)

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Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre is a shopping centre in the "Little India" part of Singapore. Mustafa Centre is primarily focused on selling 22 karat gold but also offers gold bullion. No other services like storage or buy back are on offer.

Prices are higher than for the leading bullion dealers.
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